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Sustainability is at the core of everything I do. From Madia & Matilda's hand-crafted garments to our curated brands, we're proud that we make no compromises to offer products that have a positive impact on the environment. 

 Our clothing line is upcycled from surplus fabrics from across the country in an effort to reduce the impact that these unused fabrics would have on the environment, we produce new, exciting garments instead. Each piece is hand crafted with care to produce beautifully and ethically made garment. We were Slow Fashion pioneers when it was unfashionable to be so.

Slow fashion is about carbon impact, reducing our wastage, sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes and zero waste processes. I'm really interested in the circular economy; keeping resources in use for as long as possible, remaking, altering and repairing as much as we can. All of this can sound very 'worthy' and very serious - and it is, but it can also be fashionable, fun and stylish.

From year 9's Textiles and Art course in school, followed by university, working for large companies and small and finally as a business owner since 2013, I've learned a lot. It's now my passion to pass on some of my insight and understanding and suggest ways we can use it to benefit not only our personal lives but breathe life and resilience into our communities.

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I am the designer & director of Madia & Matilda, a sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand dedicated to designing effortlessly minimal and elegant clothing with retro referencing.

I achieved an honours degree in Fashion Design & Technology from Manchester Metropolitan University with a placement year at Littlewoods & Very as an Assistant Ladieswear Designer. After graduating I worked at Tesco as a Freelance Designer. In 2013 I launched Madia & Matilda and began my journey pioneering sustainable and ethical clothing.

Since then Madia & Matilda has been lauded as a pioneer of sustainable clothing. We've have won awards for sustainable initiatives and built the brand to a 60 piece, ready to wear collection. 

Being conscious of the environment, the collection is created from either one-off textiles, homewear or end rolls of fabric; manufactured in our  studio in Stroud and sold in our own shop or in leading boutiques in the UK and abroad.

The company has grown considerably since 2013 and many past contributors have gone on to work for large and reputable companies in the industry. I hope I’ve inspired people that have worked with me and hope my business can motivate others to follow their dream.

As one of the few black businesswomen in Stroud. I’ve had diverse models, diverse photographers and mentored black students in the past, so I've given opportunities to those who are often marginalized in the industry. I’m so happy many have gone on to have careers in fashion. I’ve also spoken to the BBC about being a black woman in business and have given advice to anybody looking to follow in my footsteps. And while I’ve hopefully helped others, prominent women of colour have supported me. Michaela Coel (Actress, Poet, Screenwriter, Playwright) and Bianca Miller-Cole (Apprentice star, Entrepreneur, Speaker) have worn Madia & Matilda outfits to awards shows, events and festivals, so there’s been a lot of solidarity and appreciation.

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